Russian Ice

Russian Ice – is a show about most favourite national sport- Ice Hockey, and manly men who play hockey.

Russian Ice- is a drama about destiny, hope, dream, determination and  luck.

Russian Ice - is reality about moral courage, love, family values and a healthy lifestyle.

It began with a simple premise – what would happen if Russian players, who didn't make to professinal leage could show their best game to professional scouts and coaches and earn a tryout in the big leagues. A dream of a lifetime. 

Young male will show their best stuff in front of our cameras, competing for the opportunity to be selected as one of the 64 athletes invited to attend  toughest TRAINING CAMP in the business.

The best of the best will be chosen - a collection of hockey players will now experience the training camp of their lives, leaded by their mentors - V.Fetisov, А.Оvechkin, Е.Malkin. 

ALL OR NOTHING One man will earn the dream of a lifetime. ONE PLAYER whose ultimate dream comes true, setting the stage for a dramatic finish. Оur winner will earn a $250,000 endorsement contract in addition to professional representation by a top NHL agent and one year contract with KHL or NHL team!!!

  • Title: Russian Ice
  • Genre: Sport/Drama/Reality-show (11 episodes x 48 min)
  • Language: Russian
  • Status: Development
  • Producers: Svetlana Dali, Olga Sinelshchikova, Mel Borz