To Find an Angel

Sophie is a beautiful young lady, no children, husband an “unacknowledged genius” art photographer. She managed to do it all on her own, her day is planned to the minute. She embodies the strong woman and the fantastic life that millions of women dream about. 

It all falls apart once she realizes it might be the last day of her life… And in one instant it all becomes clear. Everything she called “life” – is meaningless.

But on the edge, her life takes unexpected turn. She meets a “broken Angel” who saves her and moves everything upside-down. And when she FINDS HER ANGEL and life becomes meaningful and free of any regrets, the scary truth comes out from the closet, able of “killing her Angel” and true love that now is beating in their hearts. What is awaiting them? Rebirth and Love, or punishment for their sins?

  • Title: To Find an Angel
  • Genre: Drama
  • Language: English
  • Status: Development
  • Directed by: Peter Winther
  • Written by: Aleksandr Novototskiy-Vlasov, Vladimir Moiseenko, Peter Winther
  • Producers: Svetlana Dali, Olga Sinelshchikova