Bermuda factor

The governments of Russia and the US receive an ultimatum from a terrorist group. They control “the absolute weapon” that cannot be destroyed or neutralized. A unique ship “Santa Maria”, equipped with a thermonuclear device with extreme powers able to exterminate mankind, enters New York’s Upper Bay and anchors less than a mile from the shore.

CIS agent Gordon MacGregor together with Irina Klimova, Russian agent planted into terrorist group, have to make the impossible - and neutralize weapon on board. As no modern mechanism is capable of doing this, they resort to secret studies made by Russian scientists – time machine created on the basis of Albert Einstein ideas. No one guarantees it will work and move a gigantic ship back to the Jurassic Age. But…they have no choice other than take a risk. 

  • Title: Bermuda factor
  • Genre: Action / Sci-Fi / Thriller
  • Language: English
  • Status: Development
  • Written by: Alexander Ivankin, Svetlana Dali
  • Producers: Svetlana Dali, Olga Sinelshchikova, Maya Toidze, Alexander Ivankin