The Spirit

Joseph Fiennes’ directorial debut The Spirit, a short dramatic film, had its world premiere in Moscow at the Moscow International Film Festival.

Alexi lives a solitary life in his decaying family home surrounded by woods and rural quiet. Post-war poverty hangs over Alexi in everything that he has. When his brother Krystof pays an unexpected visit, he is shocked to see how thin and distracted Alexi is: grief and the horror of war are etched on his face. Krystof begs Alexi to come live in town near him. Krystof knows that Alexi’s wife and child were shot during the war. He is concerned by Alexi's obsession with the woods. Alexi seems to be kept alive by a 'spirit' in the woods. One day as hunters gather in the woods, the life of the 'spirit' is suddenly threatened. Alexi runs into the woods to protect the hunted. Krystof finally bears witness to the true revelation of the 'spirit' in the woods. 

  • Title: The Spirit
  • Genre: Drama
  • Language: English
  • Directed by: Joseph Fiennes (Shakespeare in Love, Goodbye Bafana)
  • Director of photography: George Tiffin
  • Cast: Adam Tsekhman, Eduard Flerov, Daniil Kalutskih, Lara Chaklin, Igor Romashchenko
  • Production: Russian World Studios, Bikini Films, Studio Eight Productions
  • Producers: Andrey Smirnov, Olga Sinelshchikova, Yury Sapronov, Michael Kelk, Alex Brown, Kate Elson, Andy Morahan, Sam Tsekhman